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Cash For Cars RI

Junk Car RI – Cash For Cars RI

You have found Junk Car RI where we pride ourselves in being a professional junk vehicle service that provides scrap car removal right here in this great state, we are also the ones who pay the most for junk vehicles all over Rhode Island. Any city in Rhode Island you have a junk vehicle in, we can send a tow driver to your location usually same day to pay you cash and tow it away free of charge. We cover the entire state of Rhode Island so please do not hesitate to contact us with your vehicle.

If you sell your car to us, we provide you with free towing to help bypass any hassles that other companies may cause. When our tow driver arrives, they will also have the cash on them. The only step you need to take in order to get the ball rolling is to call us! After that, you sit back, relax and wait for us to come to you to pay you cash, and tow the vehicle away.

Cash For Car Phone Quotes Are Guaranteed With Junk Car RI

So, you want to sell your car. You put it up for sale in the Rhode Island papers, or on some classified ad. You immediately begin to get calls from strange people who seem a bit shady over the phone telling you they are going to come check out the vehicle, and they are really interested so please don’t sell it and some even go as far as saying they are going to buy it so do not sell it. But wait, they haven’t even seen it yet so why would they want to buy something they haven’t seen? Trusting their word, you give a few people a chance and they fall through. Either they didn’t bother showing up, or they arrived trying to offer you way less even though they said they would pay the amount you were asking for it. Well, this process is true even with scrap car companies located in Rhode Island. When calling around, as you may have already found out, their are some companies that offered you way more than what other places have offered you. Strange right? Of course it’s strange! It’s because, just like the “Private Party” people, these companies will do the same thing, they may or may not arrive to pickup your vehicle. If they do, they are going to haggle you down from what they originally offered you. We have a guaranteed over the phone quote policy. Unless we send a tow truck out to the location of the car and see it isn’t even the same vehicle you told us it was over the phone. Only then will the amount be re-negotiated. Otherwise, you will get paid the exact amount of cash you were told you would get over the phone.

Cash For Cars RI

Junk Car RI is has now merged with the Junk Car Boys organization. So we are able to bring you better service, & higher prices than before.

We do removal of any and all junk, wrecked, damaged, rusted or unwanted vehicles from your property for free! We pay cash for your junk vehicle! So even if you have a nicer vehicle, we will offer you a good, honest quote for that as well! If there is a car, truck, van or SUV that you just don’t even want, we will shoot you an offer.

Providing easy hassle free pickup of your junk automobile is what we do. We are the leading scrap car buying RI company in the entire state.

We provide all of our services everywhere; all the Providence/Cranston/Warwick/Foster/Charlestown areas, and all the little areas in between. WE SERVICE ALL OF RHODE ISLAND!

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What happens when we get your vehicle?
Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we will usually part it out and then recycle the remaining metal. We aren’t like most other companies who will take the vehicle and crush it immediately. We try and salvage most parts off of it prior to recycling. So you can feel good knowing that your vehicle will be helping out many other owners of the same vehicle. We RECYCLE your junk/unwanted vehicle by environmentally friendly means. Always exceeding the strictest Rhode Island metal recycling laws.

You will see why we are the best in RI, once you have experienced us, you can help us out by leaving a review on our Google places, we would much appreciate it!  The link is located below.  So if you are looking for the most money that we guarantee 100%, than you need to contact us immediately.

junk car rhode island

Call for a free quote and get the most cash paid out in your pocket today!

So don’t delay, call us today and get a free quote for your car. Thanks for checking us out.

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