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cash for junk cars nashville

Same Day, Different How To Sell a Car Scam

Every evening after I have helped you learn how to sell a car, I head home. I sometimes turn on the tv and watch the news. I see stories relating to home invasions, violence, robbery, and, ultimately, online scams. More often than not, the crook finds his or her victims on classified ads because not only can they easily find someone’s address, but scheduling a fake appointment at a set time will give the attacker an idea as to when the seller will or will not be home. This fact makes me very uncomfortable because it shows that we live in a society where we cannot always be sure if we are going to be treated well or not by strangers. Thankfully, you don’t have to take that risk if you don’t want to. There are many companies out there that really do want to help you out and have your best interest in mind. We are one of those businesses.

junk car removal rhode island

We are a premiere junk car removal service located right here in Rhode Island. If you are looking for the most cash in your pocket, call us now for a free quote!

If you are trying to sell your car, but want to work with professionals instead of tossing a coin on who or who not to allow to know your street address and your whereabouts for the day, we can offer you much needed assistance. Please read our reviews, check out the website, and see for yourself that we are a qualified licensed company that is not out to scam you, but we are making an honest living serving those in need of our services. We are people just like you who treat others in the same way that we desire to be treated. The car industry is not known for its generosity or honesty and I am fully aware of that fact. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how different our business is.

We strive to do our best every day in being direct and trustworthy. If you choose to go a different route or with another company, just make sure that they will guarantee the over the phone quote they told you. Don’t let them talk you down once they arrive. Get them to pledge to give you a certain amount before you even agree to sell to them. What happens is when they arrive without having guaranteed a set amount of money, they try to tell you that you are missing parts just so that they can try to pay you less. Familiarize yourself with where the pre-cat is on your exhaust manifold and where the catalytic converter sits under your vehicle. These are the most common parts that they will say are missing, because they think you won’t know where they are or what they look like. Do a little research so you can catch them in their lies. We will not swindle you out of cash, but we will give you ideas on how to sell your car if we think you could get more for it in another venue.

It is important to remember that the daily news also offers stories of hope and I have to admit that I prefer to see those over the crime ridden ones. These remind me that there are still good people out there that shine their light into some of the darkest areas and bring us hope for our children’s future. Finding out how to sell a car doesn’t have to feel like you are being set-up or preyed on, so let us have the chance to give you a guaranteed quote and prove ourselves as responsible and sincere buyers in Rhode Island.  Call us now for a free quote!


Junk Car Removal In RI

Junk Car Removal in RI

Are you looking for trusted car removal service in Rhode Island companies? Great! We are the highest paying company in town. We always guarantee to beat any competitor’s price. “Lead by example” is our motto. Looking back on history every great leader has always phrased that famous saying. What’s the difference between a famous leader and a great leader? A famous leader has just done things, whether good or bad, to gain recognition for what he has done. A great leader is someone how “leads by example.” Someone who is effective at what he does and works harder than his followers can lead his followers through any situation with great ease. A leader who leads the way by his example will always have the respect of those who come behind him.

junk car removal ri

Free junk removal, call us now!

We have worked hard to become the leaders in the car removal industry. It took many years of hard work, but in the end we beat out our competitors. We are not only able to offer you the most for your car, but we are also able to provide you with an awesome experience through the entire process. We lead by example, and that is why we have become the industries leaders.

Sell Your Car In RI

Sell your car to us, and we will send a tow truck out to you with cash in hand. Don’t be fooled by other companies who claim they will pay you cash, but when they arrive only have a check to offer and give you the ultimatum “take it or leave it” attitude. We never do that, and if we do we let you know well beforehand whether we will do that or not. We typically only do that with higher valued vehicles. Selling your vehicle to us also protects you. Some places may buy your car as if they are going to crush it, then they will actually fix it up and resell it without ever going through the proper process of clearing your name from ownership. Which means, when they sell it to a private party, your name is still registered to it? This has actually become a pretty big problem in the last couple months, and we’ve been trying to battle the problem by informing all of our customers about it. Some people believe us, others don’t. Be cautious with who you sell your car to because there are many in the Rhode Island area.

Call us today, and get a guaranteed free quote over the phone. If you decide to go through us we can usually pickup your car same day and get you cash for your scrapper in the state of Rhode Island. We cover all of Rhode Island and we strive to offer you the absolute best customer service in the industry. If we can’t send a tow truck out to you the same day, then most likely we can get to you next day. Don’t deal with the hassles and expenses that other companies may put you through. Or the hassles and expenses it may cost you to sell it yourself. Sell your car to us, and we will provide car removal in Rhode Island today.

CALL NOW! 401-305-4776

cash for cars rhode island

Cash For Cars in the State of Rhode Island

Do you have this problem? You have a car that you desperately need to sell or simply just need to get rid of. Your problem car might be sitting in a repair shop with a huge repair bill, it might even be sitting on the side of the road, or stuck at your parents house.  We offer the most cash for your vehicle in Rhode Island.

Cash For Cars Rhode Island

Call us now!

So, you decide to sell this problem car, and place a for sale ad in your local paper. You start to receive plenty of calls, but unfortunately all of these callers are not serious buyers. These callers waste your time with a ton of silly questions that never lead to a sale. Some of them schedule a time to look at your car, and when they arrive all they do is haggle over price. You need to sell your car, but it’s hard wading through all these time wasters.

Your ad in the newspaper is expensive, so you try craigslist and now you are dealing with the real crazies that expect you to basically give your car away for pennies. Plus you have to worry about the safety of dealing with people from craigslist, when every week there’s some story about a new craigslist killer in the news.

Does selling your car have to be this hard, and dangerous?

After failing with your local for sale ads and craigslist, you try a few of these scrap car companies. You do some research, make some calls, and try to find which company provides the highest price. You finally find a company that you like, and they offer a price that you will accept, but when they show up, they lower the price that they will buy your car for. Unfortunately, this is how some other companies operate. They quote a good price on the phone so that you will stop shopping around for better prices. Most of these “junk vehicle” companies are unlicensed and in some cases illegal. The worst of this brand of hustlers improperly handle your paper work, so that months or years later your name is associated with car accidents and tickets that the new owner of your car commits. You see why they rarely ask for a title.

Save yourself from all this trouble by only working with a company that has been licensed. Licensed companies are monitored by government agencies, and fraudulent companies are put out of business. A licensed company will not participate in the illegal marketing practices that some of the other unlicensed car companies do.

Work with us!

We are licensed, insured and bonded!

Our company will never haggle with you over price. What we quote is what we will stand by.

Give us a call today so that we can give you a quote. The whole process is fast, easy and honest. We will take care of all the paperwork, just fill out an online form for a free quote and we can have your problem car out of your life ASAP! When you agree on the price, we will send our tow truck to pickup your car. Imagine the relief you will feel, when that problem car is rolling out your driveway never to return again!  Call for a free quote.

Call us NOW! 401-305-4776

Junk Car Rhode Island

Junk Cars Located in Rhode Island

Junk Car Rhode Island

Cash for Cars

Junk Car Rhode Island is the perfect place to junk your broken down, rusty, busted, piece of scrap car.  We offer customer satisfaction and we guarantee our quotes.  We are a premiere car buyer and we buy all kinds of scrap cars.  If your truck, SUV, Van and/or car has fallen apart on you as you are driving and you don’t know what to do, give us a call today.

Junk Car Rhode Island

Call us and we will give you the most cash today!

Do you remember the story of little red riding hood and the wolf? Little red riding hood went to bring her basket to her grandma’s house and she had to go through the dark and dangerous forest just to get there.  Along the way she met a lumber jack who cared about little red riding hood and he wanted her to be careful.  Even though little red riding almost got caught a couple of times by the wolf, she still managed to make it all the way to her grandma’s house.  She walks inside the house to find her grandma who was actually the wolf; sleeping in the bed and as she got closer to the bed, she started asking her grandmother some questions: “My grandma what big ears you have”? “The better to hear you with my dear,” the wolf replied.  “My grandma what big eyes you have”?  “the better to see you with my dear,” the wolf replied.  “My grandma what big teeth you have”? “The better to eat you with my dear,” the wolf said, as he was jumping out of the bed to pounce on her to eat her.  Afraid for her life she started to scream.  Just then the lumber jack busts through the door and kills the wolf and little red riding hood was saved.

The story is an excellent analogy of the junk vehicle business.  Little red riding hood is the customer and the wolf is cash for vehicle companies in Rhode Island.  There are only some car companies that are worth your time.  We offer premium scrap car removal and excellent customer services; not to mention the most cash in your pocket guaranteed for your car.  So many times people get taken advantage of in this business and it is time that we end that, by telling people the truth.  The truth about everything that goes on in the junk vehicle business.  Don’t be fooled by bad business practices in the this country and I have many people call us back thanking us for giving use that information so they don’t get involved in the scam. We are a one of a kind scrap car company that is here to take care of our customer’s.  Our car buyers are very friendly people and we offer the best service in Rhode Island and we are waiting for you to pick up the phone and call us today.  So don’t hesitate, make the right decision and contact us today!  We will take care of you.




cash for junk cars ri

Cash for Junk Vehicles in Rhode Island

Cash for Junk in Cars RI

“Man I can’t believe that Junk Car RI is paying out so much money for cars”! “I heard they are the best cash for junk vehicles company in the area!” “Am I dreaming or did my car just make me money!?” “I called these guys last, and I should have called them first; they gave me the most money for my car”! That’s what our customers are saying about us. Anybody who does business with us knows that we are the most legit car buying business in town. Don’t get screwed by bad business practices that promise you the most cash, than show up and offer you way less. Our car buyers vomit on that thought. Knowing that our competition takes customers, promises them the world, then runs them over with a steam roller; it makes our car buyers sick knowing that some competitors are destroying the junk vehicle removal name. We all have emotions do we not? We still bleed, we feel pain, don’t we? I hate you liars, who promised me more money! You screwed me! I should have contacted a legit company who guaranteed the most cash for junk vehicles!  You know it happens, it happens to the best of us, with no way to stop it.  However today being the day that it is, we will not lay down and take it like it is.  We will not surrender our rights for the best price for our clunkers.  We will press on, we will continue to move forward and fight for what we believe in.

cash for junk cars ri

Call us for a free quote!

Thank goodness we have people who will not sit down and let everyone step all over them.  We are a country who wants the best deal possible.  We deserve that, don’t we? Of course we do.  Only the best for all of our customers who go through us to have their clunker removed.

Oh, if buyers was only like a box of chocolates, well, here with us, we are; the best dang non oily freshly made organic chocolates your big fat lips have ever bit into! What flavor you like? Huh? Hazelnut, butterscotch, any flavor that makes your taste buds jump for joy. Don’t go to other competition where the car filled chocolates you just found were sitting at the bottom of a rat infested garbage can; stay away from the man that is standing outside his van with no windows trying to tell you that everything tastes better inside. Remember we can’t save everybody. This analogy is true, every 15 seconds a customer is cheated out of their car by a scrap car buyer. We are spreading the word so everybody knows to trust a car buyer that shows he/she cares. Don’t forget! We pay cash for all junk automobiles!

Yes it is true that the car industry is flooded with cash for junk vehicle”professionals” everywhere, but there is only one true car company that cares about what you actually want. Call the best today!


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