Every evening after I have helped you learn how to sell a car, I head home. I sometimes turn on the tv and watch the news. I see stories relating to home invasions, violence, robbery, and, ultimately, online scams. More often than not, the crook finds his or her victims on classified ads because not only can they easily find someone’s address, but scheduling a fake appointment at a set time will give the attacker an idea as to when the seller will or will not be home. This fact makes me very uncomfortable because it shows that we live in a society where we cannot always be sure if we are going to be treated well or not by strangers. Thankfully, you don’t have to take that risk if you don’t want to. There are many companies out there that really do want to help you out and have your best interest in mind. We are one of those businesses.

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We are a premiere junk car removal service located right here in Rhode Island. If you are looking for the most cash in your pocket, call us now for a free quote!

If you are trying to sell your car, but want to work with professionals instead of tossing a coin on who or who not to allow to know your street address and your whereabouts for the day, we can offer you much needed assistance. Please read our reviews, check out the website, and see for yourself that we are a qualified licensed company that is not out to scam you, but we are making an honest living serving those in need of our services. We are people just like you who treat others in the same way that we desire to be treated. The car industry is not known for its generosity or honesty and I am fully aware of that fact. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how different our business is.

We strive to do our best every day in being direct and trustworthy. If you choose to go a different route or with another company, just make sure that they will guarantee the over the phone quote they told you. Don’t let them talk you down once they arrive. Get them to pledge to give you a certain amount before you even agree to sell to them. What happens is when they arrive without having guaranteed a set amount of money, they try to tell you that you are missing parts just so that they can try to pay you less. Familiarize yourself with where the pre-cat is on your exhaust manifold and where the catalytic converter sits under your vehicle. These are the most common parts that they will say are missing, because they think you won’t know where they are or what they look like. Do a little research so you can catch them in their lies. We will not swindle you out of cash, but we will give you ideas on how to sell your car if we think you could get more for it in another venue.

It is important to remember that the daily news also offers stories of hope and I have to admit that I prefer to see those over the crime ridden ones. These remind me that there are still good people out there that shine their light into some of the darkest areas and bring us hope for our children’s future. Finding out how to sell a car doesn’t have to feel like you are being set-up or preyed on, so let us have the chance to give you a guaranteed quote and prove ourselves as responsible and sincere buyers in Rhode Island.  Call us now for a free quote!