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Junk Car Rhode Island is the perfect place to junk your broken down, rusty, busted, piece of scrap car.  We offer customer satisfaction and we guarantee our quotes.  We are a premiere car buyer and we buy all kinds of scrap cars.  If your truck, SUV, Van and/or car has fallen apart on you as you are driving and you don’t know what to do, give us a call today.

Junk Car Rhode Island

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Do you remember the story of little red riding hood and the wolf? Little red riding hood went to bring her basket to her grandma’s house and she had to go through the dark and dangerous forest just to get there.  Along the way she met a lumber jack who cared about little red riding hood and he wanted her to be careful.  Even though little red riding almost got caught a couple of times by the wolf, she still managed to make it all the way to her grandma’s house.  She walks inside the house to find her grandma who was actually the wolf; sleeping in the bed and as she got closer to the bed, she started asking her grandmother some questions: “My grandma what big ears you have”? “The better to hear you with my dear,” the wolf replied.  “My grandma what big eyes you have”?  “the better to see you with my dear,” the wolf replied.  “My grandma what big teeth you have”? “The better to eat you with my dear,” the wolf said, as he was jumping out of the bed to pounce on her to eat her.  Afraid for her life she started to scream.  Just then the lumber jack busts through the door and kills the wolf and little red riding hood was saved.

The story is an excellent analogy of the junk vehicle business.  Little red riding hood is the customer and the wolf is cash for vehicle companies in Rhode Island.  There are only some car companies that are worth your time.  We offer premium scrap car removal and excellent customer services; not to mention the most cash in your pocket guaranteed for your car.  So many times people get taken advantage of in this business and it is time that we end that, by telling people the truth.  The truth about everything that goes on in the junk vehicle business.  Don’t be fooled by bad business practices in the this country and I have many people call us back thanking us for giving use that information so they don’t get involved in the scam. We are a one of a kind scrap car company that is here to take care of our customer’s.  Our car buyers are very friendly people and we offer the best service in Rhode Island and we are waiting for you to pick up the phone and call us today.  So don’t hesitate, make the right decision and contact us today!  We will take care of you.