Do you have this problem? You have a car that you desperately need to sell or simply just need to get rid of. Your problem car might be sitting in a repair shop with a huge repair bill, it might even be sitting on the side of the road, or stuck at your parents house.  We offer the most cash for your vehicle in Rhode Island.

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So, you decide to sell this problem car, and place a for sale ad in your local paper. You start to receive plenty of calls, but unfortunately all of these callers are not serious buyers. These callers waste your time with a ton of silly questions that never lead to a sale. Some of them schedule a time to look at your car, and when they arrive all they do is haggle over price. You need to sell your car, but it’s hard wading through all these time wasters.

Your ad in the newspaper is expensive, so you try craigslist and now you are dealing with the real crazies that expect you to basically give your car away for pennies. Plus you have to worry about the safety of dealing with people from craigslist, when every week there’s some story about a new craigslist killer in the news.

Does selling your car have to be this hard, and dangerous?

After failing with your local for sale ads and craigslist, you try a few of these scrap car companies. You do some research, make some calls, and try to find which company provides the highest price. You finally find a company that you like, and they offer a price that you will accept, but when they show up, they lower the price that they will buy your car for. Unfortunately, this is how some other companies operate. They quote a good price on the phone so that you will stop shopping around for better prices. Most of these “junk vehicle” companies are unlicensed and in some cases illegal. The worst of this brand of hustlers improperly handle your paper work, so that months or years later your name is associated with car accidents and tickets that the new owner of your car commits. You see why they rarely ask for a title.

Save yourself from all this trouble by only working with a company that has been licensed. Licensed companies are monitored by government agencies, and fraudulent companies are put out of business. A licensed company will not participate in the illegal marketing practices that some of the other unlicensed car companies do.

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Our company will never haggle with you over price. What we quote is what we will stand by.

Give us a call today so that we can give you a quote. The whole process is fast, easy and honest. We will take care of all the paperwork, just fill out an online form for a free quote and we can have your problem car out of your life ASAP! When you agree on the price, we will send our tow truck to pickup your car. Imagine the relief you will feel, when that problem car is rolling out your driveway never to return again!  Call for a free quote.

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